Had a great pleasure finding a real passion for drawing since childhood,  I saw myself pursuing a dream job as a designer one day. Instead, I took both degrees in Physics and Innovation Management where I totally aware that these degrees wouldn't take me closer as a creative.
Surprisingly, my current job is at the intersection of graphic design and digital marketing. I have 4+ years of working experience in-house leading digital management and content planning, combined with brand storytelling and data-driven decisions. My creative flair shines through the lens of visual communication and commercial strategy in supporting business and marketing needs. My work is quite broad from brand development, visual identity, social media content productions, and illustrations, to one-of-my-favorites slide designs.
Outside work, I love reading books with colorful covers, illustrating, finding some inspos on Pinterest (!), and compelling all my thoughts on my blog (in Indonesian). Currently, I am based in Norway, where nature is also my greatest inspiration.
For general inquiries, you can email me at ninayata.design@gmail.com, and I'll do my best to reply in a timely manner.
Clients include: Chakwe Snack, PAUD Chatya Manis, The Big Picture, C40 Clean Construction
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