The project: 
During my graphic design Bootcamp, we were assigned an assignment on how to craft design based on the advanced brief's visualization from real business. We were given a case based on small retail businesses in Indonesia where their awareness and identities are still developing.
About the business:
Avris Skincare is a local skincare brand originally from Kediri, Indonesia. Proud to be a premium skincare product that makes #CantikNatural (natural beauty), their products are safe for pregnant and lactating women - BPOM certified and Halal certified from MUI. 
Products: Pore Reducer, Night Cream, Sunscreen, Vita Serum, and Facial Wash.
They are seeking a new strategy both in social media and branding to get more engagement and lead conversion. Working together with teams in Digital Media Marketing and Social Media Management, the Graphic Design team had a main focus on improving visual strategy to strengthen their brand in the local skincare market.​​​​​​​
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